Melech Plays Gebirtig

1. Szejndele (05:26)

2. Krigs (06:05)

3. Mój Mordechaj (07:23)

4. Kroke (07:15)

5. Jojwl (07:37)

6. Kinderlech (04:45)
Immersed in an imaginary network of Mordechaj Gebirtig’s neurons, the four members of MELECH are on their quest for drops of the master’s distillate, with the intention of processing them alchemically.
Order – chaos, silence – noise, concentration – the joy of playing music, reverie – terror, and laugh make up an intriguing story while, sensing one another’s intentions, the musician wander most peculiar areas.
Commissioned by Tzadik Poznań Festival 2015, Piotr Mełech, Marcin Albert Steczkowski, Marcin Jadach i Michał Kasperek have composed music inspired by the works of Mordechaj Gebirtig, and it is just being put in your hands.

Piotr Mełech:
clarinet, bass clarinet, live electronics, leader

Marcin Albert Steczkowski:
cornet/fx, live electronics

Marcin Jadach:
double bass

Michał Kasperek:


Music inspired by the works of Mordechaj Gebirtig,
commissioned by Tzadik Poznań Festival 2015.

photo by Witek Orski